CO Parade March 2, 2022 (in person)

We are pleased to announce that our next CO Parade will be in person. Time to dust off your uniform, shine your boots, cut your hair and make sure all your proper badges are sewn on. Uniform Dress is C-1 (Ceremonial Dress – wedge, shirt with tie, tunic, pants, belt and parade boots, name tag and medals.) Please wear winter boots to the squadron and put on parade boots once you are inside.

Please arrive no later than 6:25 pm at the Colinton Community Centre. Ring the doorbell to enter the squadron. Masks and social distancing still required. At this time only staff and cadets are allowed in the squadron.

Drop off time: 6:25 pm Pick up time: 9:30 pm. Cadets will be dismissed and allowed to leave once we know their parent/guardian is there to pick them up.

Contact Capt Bucholz at (780) 918-4306 if you have any questions or concerns.

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