Why Report An Absence?

Cadet attendance is tracked for every activity.  Cadet attendance history will be used to help grade a Cadet for promotions, awards, summer training, and selection for special activities.  Cadets who need to miss a Mandatory Cadet activity due to illness, homework, family / personal matters, etc must let us know so that we can mark their absence as excused.

A Mandatory activity includes any weekly parade night, certain weekend activities, any training required for promotion, Remembrance Day parade and Annual Ceremonial Review.

Air Cadets are required to maintain a minimum 60% attendance

Is A Leave of Absence Required?

If you need to miss more than 3 weeks in a row, you need to request Extended Leave using the form below.  Valid reasons for extended leave may include:

  • Family travel
  • Medical issues
  • Conflict with school activity, sports playoffs, or other similar activity.

The Form CATO 13-30 Annex A CADETS EXCUSED ABSENCE FROM LHQ TRAINING must be completed and submitted to the Commanding Officer for approval. 

The Commanding Officer can approve absence for up to 120 days.